Where is the world of work going – becoming better or worse, or both? How families cope with the changing working life? What does it mean that schedules are softening?

How does ICTs change social relations – does it ease the interplay of work and family? Are social services able to meet the needs of individuals and families?

These are all relevant questions to my research. My research has concentrated on the following  themes:

  • work, new forms of working
  • work and family
  • quality of work
  • 24/7 -economy and family life
  • time at work and working time
  • ICTs and social relationships
  • ICT and  time
  • active labour market policy
  • social services
  • gender and work
  • EU comparative research on working time
  • quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Research involves much more than just reading theory, analyzing data and writing research findings., find out more on my activities.

Read here on my current projects:

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