I’ve participated to several research and development projects since 2000. Here you find summaries of the most recent one.

FamilyTies  Time is Money? Schedules, time negotiations, time coordination and ICT in family (FamilyTies)

Duration: 1.9.2015-31.8.2020

Funding: Academy Research Fellow Project, Academy of Finland

Project leader: Mia Tammelin (mia.tammelin(at)jyu.fi)


Time is fundamental to the orchestration and synchronization of social life. Families have their own rhythms and schedules, yet neither individuals nor families are isolated from the structures of the surrounding society.

ICTs are changing the temporal and spatial parameters of social life and family time. Research on working life has demonstrated that paid work is moving beyond its traditional temporal and spatial boundaries. These changes bring with them new issues and questions.

This project (1) extends understanding of the impact of ICTs on the daily life of working parents; (2) provides in-depth knowledge of how working time, including many dimensions, affect family life and (3) develops a theoretical model of the family time economy which is analysed by empirical data. It contributes to existing research on family life and ICTs, and research on work and family life.

The project is based on recognition that despite vast amount of literature on work-family relations and working time, there is a dearth of research analysing the many dimensions of working time, family time and the impact that ICTs have on the family life of working parents.

The project has two intersecting themes: (a) the relationship between post-industrial schedules and family life and (b) how ICTs influence family life.