Picture by: Anne and Nea Parkatti, extract from Tammelin et al 2020.

Concurrent changes – such as ageing populations, the globalisation of production and services, and technological acceleration and digitalisation – are profoundly changing societies, labour markets and work (Pierce 2015) and call for paying attention to sustainable work systems. The ecological crisis has generated the need to safeguard ecologic sustainability. All these factors together have called for paying increased attention to social responsibility and social justice (Zink 2014; Eurofound 2015). These need to be responded to with macro-, meso- and micro-level policies and practices. Given the accelerated technological developments and digitalisation, there is a need for new knowledge on the topic that will aim to renew both practice and research.

We discussed sustainable work systems in a publication, see below:

Tammelin, Mia; Haapakorpi, Arja; Parkatti, Anne; Mauno, Saija; Ojala, Satu; Siirtola, Emmi (2020): Sustainable work systems: Themes and Discussion Topics. Work Research Center / Työelämän tutkimuskeskus, Working papers 106 / 2020, Tampere University.

Tammelin, Mia & Otonkorpi-Lehtoranta, Katri: Kestävä tuottavuus ja inhimillinen työelämä – konferenssijulkaisu. (Sustainable productivity and human centered working life: Conference publication) 2019. Tampereen yliopisto Yhteiskuntatieteiden tiedekunta Työelämän tutkimuskeskus